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Managing the Unexpected: How I Stayed Present in Seven (Not So) Simple Steps

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So, there I was alone in a hotel room in Poughkeepsie, NY, instead of attending my college reunion festivities. I’d been looking forward to meeting up with past classmates, going to lectures and, most of all, walking the campus. The Vassar campus is unbelievably beautiful in June. Trees are centuries old, architecture is varied and grand, gardens abundant; and walking the well-known paths is a silent meditation.

But the first thing I did after breakfast was to fall and sprain my ankle. It took approximately ten minutes to blow up like a balloon, and it hurt – a lot.

This Ki Moment was not easy to write about. I was looking for the gift.

It took a while.

And, as I lay in bed with my PRICE (Protected, Resting, Iced, Compressed and Elevated) ankle, this is what I found:

1. It is inconvenient, frustrating, and depressing to be physically disabled. How do people manage with physical limitations that dwarf mine? Let’s face it – a sprained ankle!?

2. I’ve been givena chance to stay quiet, reflect, and relax. Read. Write. Nap. How often have I wished for a day like this?

3. I am challenged to stay centered. With pain, disappointment, and fear (what if it’s worse than I think?) at fairly high levels, I have to coach myself to return to the Good Reality.

4. Pay attention. Just a moment’s inattention is all it takes to lose balance, stumble, and fall.

5. I got to notice the amazing people in my life:

My chiropractor, Jerry, who took all my calls on a Saturday, told me how to care for the ankle, including how best to manage the four-hour car trip home, and made a date to see me on Sunday when I got back.
Catherine – sweetest of front desk attendants- who when I asked her if the hotel had a nurse or doctor on call, said “No, but my dad’s a doctor. I’ll call him and call you back.”
Carolina, the housekeeper, who not only cleaned around me but helped me reposition myself, carried my computer, books, and papers to get me situated, generally acted as nurse while she was with me, and blessed me as she left.
Good friend, Roberta, who brought me food, cheer, and stories from the parties I was scheduled to attend but couldn’t. And told me to call her anytime anywhere – and meant it.
6. This was a lesson in acceptance.

7. And an invitation to stay present. It’s hard not to keep thinking how much time it will take for my ankle to fully recover. (It’s really swollen!) Orof the fall (Why didn’t I see the stairs?) Pema Chodron says, “Let the breath bring you back to the present moment. You will get caught up in your mind and do what you usually do. But the breath will bring you back. Go to the breath.”

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The Boiler Market – Past And Present

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The market for central heating and hot water boilers is watched carefully Industry officials and by the Government, with both past records and future predictions being presented in order for the industry to be able to gear up their output according to the predictions for the next few years. The value of the central heating market is estimated to have grown at a very modest year on year rate of 1% in nominal terms over the period from 2008 to 2010. The total market value is expected to have reached a predicted £1,629.6 million by the end of 2010.

The very moderate market change in the second part of the period reviewed is thought to be due to the severe economic downturn and the reduction in new house building programs which came with the banking collapse and the consequential shortage of mortgages. Overall the result was considered to be quite positive as a downturn in the market seems to have been avoided. This was largely due to the increased demand for more energy efficient products and this was also helped by the Government introducing schemes and grants to help reduce energy consumption and reduce Carbon Dioxide output. The overall expansion of central heating and hot water boilers is expected to have risen by 5% in total from 2006 to 2010.

The prediction for the next five years from 2011 to 2015 is for the industry to continue expansion each year during the five year forecast period up to 2015 with the annual growth levels going up between 3 to 6% in real terms. The total market value in 2015 is expected to be £2053.1 million; a growth of 26% compared to the current year. The short term market is expected to be very restricted by the present economic problems, but the introduction of a new set of Government grants and initiatives is expected to re-energise the market in the next few years.

There is no doubt that the Government has every incentive to push money at the trade to help bring them closer to the targets on carbon reduction that they have already agreed to. However, the initial amounts which have been allotted to industry this year, and the domestic market from next year, are limited and are unlikely to meet the expectations of the above estimates.

The present rises in energy costs will push a demand for more energy efficient boilers and control systems.

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An Overview Of The Objects Present In Access To Help Access Experts

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Microsoft access is modern software that helps access programmers in creating tables, queries, forms and reports easily. The advanced technology enables you to connect all prepared data together with macros. Access also has an advanced data manipulation solution with a facility to secure the data for certain users. The different objects in access can be used as and when required, but to have a proper knowledge, you need to go through a full- fledged training. A proper training will help experts to use the software quickly and effectively. Here is a quick overview of the different objects present in access.

1. Tables: Tables help access experts in storing data in different column with a unique name. While creating a table use the text type option for entering most data, which includes all words and numbers that you need to store. Once you define the table structure using the wizard, you can enter data which is recorded automatically.

2. Queries: Query object present in Microsoft access helps you to find a specific category of data from your table. Access experts can also sort and combine data present in various tables as and when required. You can edit a particular data easily, using query option in access. As an expert in the field you can also delete or edit more than one entry by defining your requirement in the special query option.

3. Forms: Forms are basically screens, where you can display data. You can also add data to your table using forms, but the forms option in access can only show one data at a time. As an access expert if you know how the records are sorted, then you can define a query and then create a form based on the query. When you define relationship between tables, then you need to use sub- form wizard to create as form.

4. Reports: Reports are basically the output of your efforts; it helps you to get the print out of the spreadsheet made by you. You can have a hard copy of all the reports that you deserve, for doing this you can take the help of access wizard, which takes you through the process of defining reports.

5. Macros: Macros are basically script for performing job through Microsoft access. You can take the help of macros to open a report as well as to validate the data before storing it.

6. Modules: Modules in access are similar to macros; this is the place where you need to write the function that has to be performed. Modules are more effective than macros because they work on codes and can be used effectively in handle error. Mostly the access experts try to do the job using macros, but they end up using modules because that are simple can be easily used in multi-user environment.

Pages in Microsoft access helps experts to enter data through internet, which are stored as HTML files. These files can be easily accessed by all the user across the network.

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On the Stand: How to Present Yourself in Court

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It’s important to present yourself in court in the best possible manner. Your day in court should be an important moment for you, and your case is most likely meaningful to you, so consider it more than just appearing. Think of it as a job interview or a stage performance. You need to portray yourself to the judge in a controlled and reliable way. Take a moment to evaluate the most prominent aspects of the way you hold yourself: your clothing, your voice and your behavior.

Your Clothing

Other than some factors that you can’t control, such as your height and hair color, your clothing is something a judge may notice about you first, so make sure it’s as professional and appropriate as possible. Generally, you should consider wearing purely professional clothing, such as a button-down shirt, tie, blouse, dress pants, skirt of an appropriate length, close-toed shoes, and so on. Although, if it’s 90-degree weather on the day you appear in court, it may be unnecessary to wear something as formal as a suit coat.

Some clothing to stay clear of would be hats, T-shirts, shirts that reveal cleavage or midriff, pants that reveal underwear, shorts, flip flops, and anything with objectionable images or words. In any case, make sure your clothes are clean of dirt, stains or tears. Also, some visible accessories to your clothing that you may want to consider removing or hiding are cigarettes, facial piercings and visible tattoos.

Even if something is hidden in your pockets, people might see it in other areas of the courthouse, such as an outside area. You don’t want to give anyone a reason to look for bad qualities in you when you’re presenting yourself in court.

Your Voice

The way you use your voice in court is also important. You should try to sound confident and controlled at the same time. Speak up when talking to the judge but don’t yell. You should avoid mumbling at all costs and be firm in what you have to say. That’s why being fully prepared beforehand is so important. You don’t want to sound like you don’t understand your own case.

Remember to use appropriate word choice. Don’t use slang and words such as “yeah,” “nope,” and “huh?” but address people properly with phrases like “Yes, Ma’am,” “No, Sir,” and “pardon me?” And, of course, don’t use foul language.

Also, be to-the-point in the way you speak. Don’t waste the judge’s time by rambling on and getting off topic, but say what you need to say as clearly as you can and in as few words as possible.

Your Behavior

Your behavior and the way you hold yourself when speaking to the judge is also very crucial to your case. For example, you should stand when the judge enters and exits the courtroom as well as when speaking to him or her. Also, you should keep eye contact when speaking to them. If you happen to be sitting, don’t slouch in your seat, but sit up straight.

Strongly consider what your case is about before you enter a courthouse. Is it over a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim? Because if you’re claiming that you hurt your right arm and can barely use it, you should probably try to avoid picking up documents, drinking water or generally relying too much on your right arm when appearing in court. Stop, review the details of your case, and consider whether or not a particular action or behavior might limit the credibility of your claim.

You should be aware that your behavior may be noted or observed not just in the courtroom but in the entire courthouse. Assume that you are being watched at all times, so that you don’t compromise your case. Treat everyone that you meet in the courthouse with respect, and be mindful of what you say outside of the courtroom. You never know who’s listening.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, you should operate under the assumption that everyone is watching you. Don’t let that make you nervous, but let it be a reminder that you need to stay focused. You’re there for a reason, and you should see that reason through to the best of your ability.

On top of wearing the right clothing, speaking properly, and holding a professional demeanor, you should never forgot one timeless rule: be punctual. Don’t be late, and always arrive on time.

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Direct Sales Strategies – Overcoming Resistance to the Sales Presentation – A 30 Minute Lesson

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Yes you can.

While we know that you can’t become a sales giant in 30 minutes, if you spend that time learning just 2 skills you will start closing more sales right away, and close them easier than you may have imagined.

There is rule to self improvement that tells us that the quickest way to get better is to focus your improvement efforts on the answer to this questions:

What one thing skill, if significantly improved, would have the greatest impact on my ability to sell?
This article will answer that question for you, actually it will answer it twice, based on my evaluation of hundreds of sales people over that last decade.

To stay true to my promise of this lesson helping you close more sales with a skill that you can learn in only 30 minutes, I will only include a full explanation of one of the two techniques and save the other for my next article.

When sales are missed, the reason is often the same time and time again. This is because the weak links in a sales person’s technique are the open doors through which an otherwise interested prospect runs in the anxiety of the buying decision. While not completely universal, those open doors are very similar from salesperson to salesperson, and from industry to industry. And while there are more than I will discuss here, I will focus on the ones that are most quickly remedied. 30 minutes was the promise, right.

So here they are– the common and quickly fixed weak links in the process of selling:

The inability to move past a prospects resistance to being sold.
A failure to effectively respond to mild buying hesitations expressed after the buying question, the most common of which is “I need to think about it.”
Moving past a prospect resistance to being sold

There a several ways to do this, but the most effective I know of is to start the sales conversation with this statement:

Mr Prospect, I want to let you know that my focus today is not to tell you what I think is important about my company and product and why you should own it. Rather, I want to focus on your needs, and what you want to know about my company and product before you can decide if it is right for you. If you decide that it isn’t for you, that’s fine, and I promise to point you in the direction of something that it. If you do decide that it’s right for you, I’ll show you how I can help you own it.
Prospect are always defensive against being sold something, and predisposed to believe that you are there to sell them what you have to offer whether it is right for them or not. Where there is defensiveness all of the information that you try to provide passes through the filter of that resistance which reduces its ability to convince. Where there is doubt in your intentions, skepticism biases the judgments that the prospect makes as to the true ability of your product or service to meet his needs.

So how do you eliminate defensiveness and the perception of bias?

You use the statement above to change their entire perception of the intention of the sales conversation. It is no longer about you telling them, it is about you answering their questions regarding the suitability of the product and your company’s ability to deliver it. What was about you selling them has become about buyer and selling figuring out if there is a match between the prospect’s need and the sellers product. With this shift made, the buyer can relax their resistance and become able to consider the product on its true merits.

After you have determined the solutions the prospect is looking for, continue building on this new paradigm by getting into your presentation with this statement:

Mrs. Prospect, now that I know what problems you are having, and what the solution might look like, I want to take the opportunity to share with you how my company and my product can provide a solution. I’ll start that process by asking you this– what do you need to know about my company and my product before you would know that it is right for you.
Let them tell you, write down their topics, and lead them gently to ask about the strengths of your company and product. Then answer each of those questions, one by one, confirming that the answer is what they need it to be. If you ever have a customer resist your presentation, this is also the solution, because how can a client resist answers to their questions.

Later, conclude your presentation with a review of your how your company and product was the answer to all of their questions about what a company and product would need to be for them to know that it was right for them. Then ask them:

Since my product and company provide everything you are looking for, there is only one thing left to consider, the price. If we can make the price fair and affordable would you like to go ahead with an order today?
How can they say no to that?

They might, and if they do, that leads us to the second common and quickly fixed weak link in the process of selling

A failure to effectively respond to mild buying hesitations expressed after they buying question, the most common of which is “I need to think about it.”

Since that will take another thirty minutes to discuss and learn, I’ll have to save it for the next article.

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4 Mistakes That You Can’t Make During a Presentation

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What separates a good presentation from a bad one? Here are 4 of the most common mistakes presenters tend to make while giving a presentation.

You must always clearly state the objective of your presentation. Not stating an objective clearly is possibly one of the most serious mistakes you could make as a presenter. Most of your audience probably has little interest in what you do. Try to make put your presentation in the way that will benefit them, or at the very least some interest from them.

Try to avoid having too many details in your presentation. Most often presentations take up more time than scheduled because the presenter simply has too many unnecessary things to share. Try to minimize on in-depth details especially if most of the audience might not know what you’re talking about. At such times, less is more.

Avoid using sophisticated language and delivering your presentation in a monotonous voice. Try avoiding highly technical terms especially when dealing with audiences which are not from your background. Additionally, try to bring more liveliness in your voice instead of speaking in monotone. You’ll end up putting most of your audiences to sleep.

Finally, do not put everything you want to say in the presentation. Most presenters put anything and everything into their slides just so that they’ll know what to say. There is no point in preparing a presentation of every word you’re saying. Remember, the slides are meant for the audience, not for you the presenter, to remember what to say.

In future, do not repeat these mistakes during your presentation.

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Is Apple iPod Touch 32 GB, A Great Birthday Present?

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Are you looking for the perfect birthday present for your loved one? From the makers of the best mp3 players, they have recently released the Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation. You can choose from an 8GB, 16GB and 32GB size of storage memory for your songs and your applications.

The newest version of iPod is not merely an mp3 player. It has a whole array of features that a lot of people can enjoy. It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi connection that will allow you to browse your favorite websites, your social networking sites and a lot more.

This iPod is not limited to music lovers only, but it will also appeal to people who love reading books because you can store electronic books (e-books) in it. Instead of lugging a book around, you can instead save it on your fine gadget, which has a weight of just 3.56 ounces or 101 grams. It is also very compact with its size of 4.4 inches x 2.3 inches and can easily fit anywhere, even inside your trouser pocket.

By connecting it to the Internet, one can easily download games and applications to your iPod and let you play easily with its touch screen controls. Aside from all that, you can also download maps and you won’t ever get lost again with its easy navigation maps installed.

Additionally, with the release of the 4th generation version of this particular iPod, they have added more features that you will surely love. It now has a front and back camera that can let you connect with your friends real-time using the Wi-Fi connection.

It will also allow you to record and edit videos in HD and has a Retina display that offers the best high-resolution possible. And of course, the iPod Touch can let you play your favorite music anywhere and anytime you want to.

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Your Present Circumstance Don’t Determine Where You Can Go

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So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservation.

You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of. If you get your ego in your way, you will only look to other people and circumstances to blame.

Although circumstances may change in the blink of an eye, people change at a slower pace. Even motivated people who welcome change often encounter stumbling blocks that make transformation more complicated than they’d originally anticipated.

But we’re not defined by our circumstances, and we can always find a way to rise above it. Never allow our circumstances control us. We change our circumstances. We just never give up.Even if circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of our goal.

Some of the most important determinants of life paths arise through the most trivial of circumstances. Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.

A lot of people live in fear because they haven’t figured out how you’re going to react when faced with a certain set of circumstances. I’ve come to terms with this by looking deeply into whatever makes me fearful – what are the key elements that get the hairs up on the back of my neck – and then figuring out what I can do about it.

Life is rough for a lot of people. Some people live in greater material circumstances than others, but life is rough for everybody. You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change.

In fact, there is little correlation between the circumstances of people’s lives and how happy they are. If you will call your troubles experiences, and remember that every experience develops some latent force within you, you will grow vigorous and happy, however adverse your circumstances may seem to be.

Never allow other people to classify you based on your past and current circumstances, where you were born, your experiences, your gender, or your race.
Instead of focusing on that circumstances that you cannot change – focus strongly and powerfully on the circumstances that you can.

In fact, a happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.

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Perfect 50th Birthday Presents For The Sports Fan

Jun 11 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Need an idea for a 50th birthday present? Well, if the birthday girl or guy is a sports fanatic, I’ve got some great ideas for you. Why settle for buying the same old stuff when a sports-themed gift will show that lucky 50-to-be just how much you care? When it comes to ideas for perfect gifts for sports fans, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Follows are just a few “fan”tastic ideas for you to consider.

Autographed Memorabilia

Every sports nut loves getting a ball, card, or any item autographed by their favorite hero. Luckily these items are pretty easy to find on eBay or in hobby shops around the country. There are also websites that specialize in autographed memorabilia. The prices vary depending on the rarity and condition of the item but you should be able to find something to fit every budget.

Sports-Themed Gift Basket

Gift baskets aren’t just for women anymore! Men and ladies alike will enjoy a gift basket filled with items representing their favorite sport or game. One idea for a baseball basket could contain a baseball (autographed or not), a baseball coffee mug, a couple of favorite player’s baseball cards (rookie cards are usually the most wanted), and maybe a couple of tickets for a game in the future. You can substitute items for any sport, hunting, fishing or even games such as bridge. This custom and personal gift is guaranteed to be a big hit at any birthday bash!

Monogrammed Or Personalized Balls

Inexpensive yet very personal presents, monogrammed balls provide a sense of pride every time the birthday guy or gal plays their sport in the future. You can find companies online that are willing to put initials on just about any type of ball. Other sports-related items, such as bats, shoes, and gloves can also be monogrammed. Personalized sports items are imprinted with a logo or motto, something other than initials. It may be harder to find a company doing personalized than monogrammed but those golf balls with the “Chin Up!” motto on them are well worth it.

Sports Scene Shadowbox

Shadowboxes are customized similar to gift baskets. However, the items in the shadowbox remain in the shadowbox and are displayed usually on a wall or thin shelf. Most of the time when creating a shadowbox, miniature items are used to create a scene relating to the theme. For example, for a fishing shadowbox, you may have a little boat on a little imitation pond with a couple of people fishing as the imitation sun comes up in the background. Shadowboxes are mostly used to give the owner a sense of nostalgia or escape from reality.

These are just a few ways to celebrate the sport of choice with 50th birthday presents. With a little imagination and some research, there are endless options for the sports fan’s big day!

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Cool Christmas Presents – What to Get Kids This Year!

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What are cool Christmas presents that I can get for my loved ones this year? That’s exactly what you’ve been thinking, I know, because you’re not alone with those thoughts. The Christmas season, no matter how joyful and exciting it can be, well it comes with that added stress of not knowing what to buy as cool Christmas gifts. Relax. I’m going to help you today.

Here are some ideas for Cool Christmas Presents this holiday season: (Oh and don’t worry, for things that your kids want that you may be clueless about, I’ll explain them.)

For Younger Kids

Kid Tough Digital Camera- I know it’s happened to you a million times that your young child grabs your digital camera or your cell phone because they want to take pictures too! And if they are anything like my nephew, well after you get your camera back it’s not only been bitten but it has slobber all over it and well after a while sometimes the picture may become a little fuzzy. Right? Yeah, I’ve been there too.

But check this out, Fisher Price came out with the Kid Tough Camera and it’s a fully functional digital camera that is easy to use for kids. Seriously, the buttons are big and easy to understand, they have a viewfinder so kids can actually see the picture before taking it and it’s got a bigger dual handle design so it’s easy for their little hands to hold.

I think this is just an awesome idea and I’m not surprised to know that Fisher Price won the Toy of the Year Award for it in 2007.

Keep in mind that there are many versions of the Kid Tough Camera because it has been around for a few years and they keep improving upon it. They have the Kid Tough Digital Camera Blue which is for boys and they have the Kid Tough Digital Camera Pink for girls. They also have water-proof versions, ones that you can use a memory card, ones that you don’t have to, ones that you can use a couple AA batteries and ones that have a lithium battery. So just check them all out and decide which one you feel is best.

Pricing varies depending on, of course which version you are buying. Of course, the older versions are going to be cheaper, but keep in mind that the newer versions although more expensive they will have been improved much more. $47.88 to $189.95 is about the pricing differences you’ll find. Generally the higher priced items will not only be the latest versions but sometimes they even include extras like a camera case or free prints, which can certainly add to the effectiveness of your cool Christmas gifts.

For Teenage Girls

The Kindle- this is an awesome wireless reading device by Amazon. So if your daughter or grand-daughter likes to read this would be an ideal gift. Oprah Winfrey says about the Kindle, “I’m telling you, it’s absolutely my new favorite thing in the world.”

With The Kindle your child can read without physically having a book in their hand. It’s true, all of the “books” are downloaded onto The Kindle and that is how they read them.

Are you wondering why something like this would be better than an actual book? I was too. There are actually a couple of really great reasons. First and foremost, we save trees by not printing so many pages in books. That’s a huge help to the environment. Secondly, and I think the most important to a lot of folks, especially in this economy, is that you can save money. The “books” that you buy for your Kindle are generally around $9.99. And I’m not talking about no name books that are 10 bucks, I’m talking about New York Times Best Sellers. So that will help your pocketbook and anyone else’s that buys your child books. And third, the Kindle is actually lighter and thinner than your typical paperback. So instead of your child carrying around 3 paperbacks that they are reading, well now those 3 paperbacks (plus as many as 197 more) can be kept in the thin Kindle.

The price for a Kindle is around $359 (but it’s well worth it, in my opinion, when you think about helping the environment and all of the money that you’ll save overtime with “book” purchases. Think Green this holiday season.)

For Teenage Boys

RockBand Special Edition- this video game is just absolutely awesome and the boys are just going crazy over it (even some of us grown women are too. Shhhhh!) RockBand is a video game for Xbox, PlayStation and even the Wii.

Keep in mind that there are different versions of the game, there’s Rockband, Rockband Special Edition, Rockband 2 Special Edition and there are also the actual instruments. Generally speaking though, the special edition sets include everything that your child will need to get their band rocking and rolling i.e. drums, guitar, mic, etc. So, it’s probably a good idea to check your child’s collection already or just listen to them when you walk by a Game Stop or any other video game store to find out what version they are wishing to get on their cool Christmas presents list. Of course, if they have instruments already, you can just buy the video game by itself.

I think that even you will like this game. I know that when you’re in the car alone or even in the shower that you are jamming on your air guitar or just singing your heart out. So when the kids aren’t home, well you can go on your own RockBand world tour (I know I will be as we just picked up RockBand 2 Special Edition for Xbox for the kids hehehe.)

Depending on what version you are getting and whether you are just getting a game or special edition version the price will vary. You’re looking at anywhere from $46.99 to $189.99

OK there you have it. The top cool Christmas Presents for each category of kid. You seriously won’t go wrong if you pick up any of the above mentioned cool Christmas gifts. I promise because they are all Santa approved ;-)

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