Debt Negotiation Settlement

When you realize that you have a debt issue, you have several options: do nothing and wait for the debts to take over, create a personal budget to try and reorganize your finances, seek professional credit counseling, get professional debt consolidation help, go for debt negotiation settlement help from a specialized company and receive the best deals from your creditors thanks to the negotiation process from the professional team of counselors or file for bankruptcy. The latter should always be considered as the last alternative because of the consequences it brings.

- Is debt negotiation settlement the best option? -

Debt negotiation settlement has its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, debt negotiation settlement has one main goal in common with the other debt processes: free the consumer from debt.
Remember, it is very important to understand completely how every step of the process works in order to know which one to apply to.

In debt negotiation settlement, negotiations take place with the creditors. A debt negotiation settlement company’s main goal is to convince the creditors to give up a share of the money owed by the consumer and reduce the total amount of debt in order to lighten up the client’s current situation.

- How does the debt negotiation settlement process work? -

After a client applies for the debt negotiation settlement program, the counselors gather up all the information from the current debts, such as creditors names, balance owed from each account, secured and unsecured debts, along with other private information. Then, a counselor from the debt negotiation settlement team contacts each creditor to request a reduction. Occasionally, creditors take these types of offers into consideration because sometimes it is more expensive and time consuming to recover the rest of the money than settle. It is worth it to stick to what the consumer offers in order to settle the account.

Besides, creditors take into consideration that the debtor has applied for a debt negotiation settlement program, and that means that a settlement will be reached no matter what. Creditors prefer to work out with professional counselors than deal with clients.

- Negative effects of debt negotiation settlement programs -

Credit score: It will be reduced during the process of the debt negotiation settlement program. Creditors only deal with delinquent accounts, so reducing your credit score is almost a needed status in order to start renegotiating with creditors. After you stop making your payments to the creditors, you will be rated delinquent; then, creditors will look your case over when you apply for debt negotiation settlement.

Tax liability: debt negotiation settlement can result in a tax liability when the time to file your incoming taxes comes. Creditors by law have to report all forgiven debts that exceed $600 to the IRS. You will need to speak with a tax expert because sometimes you get rated as “insolvent” after applying for debt negotiation settlement. If that was the case, you will not be liable for anything.

Enough funds: people need to make sure to have enough funds to complete the debt negotiation settlement program in the scheduled time. Otherwise the agreement will be nulled.

- Positive effects of debt negotiation settlement programs -

Debt free in a short period of time: unlike debt consolidation, debt negotiation settlement can be successfully achieved in a matter of months. One of the most important things about debt negotiation settlement is that the monthly installments are set up in a way that can be accomplished without choking the debtor. The person will be able to keep a constant payment throughout the whole process.

Developed credit score: once you finish the debt negotiation settlement program, your credit score will automatically pick up and you will appear with zero delinquent accounts, and that will rate you pretty well, even better than before.

Avoiding debt: thanks to the debt negotiation settlement program, people also learn how to avoid future debt occurrence. They will never go through this again. People have told us that the program has improved their way of using their credit cards and taking on loans.

Just as with most decisions you are faced with, the solution to your financial problems has many factors to be addressed and considered – both positive and negative. In the end, it is important to base your decision on your own personal needs and abilities.

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