Perfume For Men Under 1000

Nothing smells better than a perfume for men, when bought at affordable costs. Good perfume for men are luxurious delights, which usually have quite expensive ends. But, how about this miracle – you get to buy the best perfume for men at a super pocket-friendly price! Today, we shall take you through some such options.

Yes, it will be super lucky for you! Because we are going to change people’s perception of expensive luxury. Masculine fragrances do not always come with hefty price tags. There do exist some online top perfume for men brands like Adiveda Natural. While there are several masculine scents that usually cost more due to the rare woody notes, this brand offers the best varieties below 1000 rupees. It has managed to offer remarkable ones. And, that too, at affordable figures.

Take a look at these top perfume for men:

Bonjour EDP – Fresh Woody Citrusy Perfume for Men (Price: Rs 499)
It is a fresh take on your normal woody perfume for men. The fragrance is influenced by the roots of India. The cologne is natural and carries a different kind of depth and character. This is the best perfume for men and tops our list of affordable luxury men’s fragrances.

Why Do We Love It?
Natural Organic Eau De Parfum
No-gas, no-alcohol perfume for men
Long-lasting woodiness and freshness
For daily use.
Safe to use on skin
Cruelty-free fragrance
Made in India
Fragrance Notes
Top Notes:- Rosemary, Lemon, Bergamot

Heart Notes:- Lavender, Coriander

Base Notes:- Fir Balsam, Oak Moss, Patchouli

Ombre By The Man Company Eau De Parfum (Price: ¹499)
It is a spicy woody perfume for men! Yes, yes, the one you men desire to put on every evening before you head out to spend time with your woman!

Why Do We Love It?
No-gas body, good perfume for men
Long-lasting refreshing nature
Perfect for wearing in summer
Artistically crafted perfume bottle
For daily use
Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: Grapefruit, nutmeg, amber

Heart Notes: Apple, orange blossom, rose absolute, spicy

Base Notes: Ambroxan, amber wood, vanilla

Skinn By Titan Raw Perfume (Price: ¹536)
You won’t find this rawness, freshness and boldness in any other top perfume for men.

Why Do We Love It?
Inspired by the fragrance of rain on a hot summery day
A perfectly striked balance of fresh and bold perfume for men notes
Distinguished fragrance
Dermatologically tested
Made in France
Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: Watery fruits, bergamot, mandarin

Heart Notes: Violet leaves, germanium, pamrose

Base Notes: Patchouli, gaiac wood, cashmeran, ambernax

Talc Eau De Parfum By The Man Company (Price: ¹499)
Yet another cost-friendly woody masculine perfume for men! Read on to find out why it qualifies to be on our top perfumes for men list.

Why Do We Love It?
Citrusy woody perfume for men
No-gas scent
Long-lasting fragrance
Has notes of talc powder for freshness
Perfectionist, good perfume for men for daily use
Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: Chypre, lavandin, bergamot

Middle Notes: Orange blossom, honey accord, leathery patchouli

Base Notes: Powdery oakmoss

UCB United Dreams Go Far Eau De Toilette (Price: ¹840)
Its freshness and watery aroma make it a good perfume for men!

Why Do We Love It?
Citrusy fresh aroma with a cord of marine touch
Long-lasting aroma
Ideal choice for everyday use
Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: Cedrat, lime, marine accord

Heart Notes: Cardamom, lavender, blue lotus

Base Notes: Moss, cedarwood, amber

Beardo Origin Perfume For Men (Price: ¹850)
It is a sweet smelling aqua perfume for men. We love it for several reasons!

Why Do We Love It?
Long-lasting fragrance
Filled with refreshing aromatic scent notes
Perfect fit for every other season
Fragrance Notes
Strong aqua and musky

Park Avenue Eau De Parfum – Perfume For Men – Harmony (Price: ¹559)
Yet another sharp, citrusy, tangy, musky perfume for men. Do try it.

Why Do We Love It?
Lasts super long
Refreshing, tangy fragrance connotations
Rich aromatic masculine experience
Supreme for day and evening wear
Fragrance Notes
Top Perfume For Men Notes: Bergamot, pepper, tangerine

Heart Perfume For Men Notes: Lavender, patchouli, tonka beans

Base Perfume For Men Notes: Musk, amber, vetiver

To Conclude
Try these best perfumes for men to figure out your signature fragrance. Let these perfume for men guide your senses.

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